David Harlowe: Transforming Passion into Expertise in Athletic and Fitness Risk Management

Welcome to my world of risk management and sports expertise! I'm David Harlowe, and I'm excited to share my journey with you. This biography delves into my life, my experiences in sports, my transition into risk management, and my dedication to making athletics and fitness environments safer for everyone.

Early Years and Sports Background (1991-2000):
In 1991, I proudly graduated from Guilford College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management. Those college years were a defining period in my life. I was not only a diligent student but also a committed athlete. For four years, I wore my college's football jersey with pride, learning invaluable lessons about teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

My dedication to sports didn't stop on the field. Following graduation, I continued my journey within the collegiate sports world by coaching for two years at Guilford College. These experiences deepened my understanding of sports management and reinforced my passion for the industry.

My career took an exciting turn when I joined a minor baseball team. Here, I delved into the intricacies of facility operations and safety management. Over the years, I gathered extensive knowledge about creating safe and efficient environments for athletes and spectators alike.

Venturing into Personal Training and Risk Management (2000-2010):
Intrigued by the holistic aspects of athlete well-being, I started my personal training/strength & conditioning company. While helping individuals attain their fitness goals, I began to recognize the significance of risk management in the athletic and fitness domains. It became increasingly apparent that safety was not just a priority but a necessity.

Embracing Athletic and Fitness Risk Management (2010-Present):
With my newfound passion for risk management, I transitioned into the world of athletic and fitness risk management full-time. For the past 28 years, I've been dedicated to helping individuals, organizations, and facilities become safer and more efficient in their operations. My specialization in this niche field allows me to make a meaningful impact by minimizing risks and ensuring the well-being of athletes, trainers, and enthusiasts.

Expert Witness Services and Beyond:
Building on my expertise in risk management, I began offering expert witness services. This role allows me to contribute to legal proceedings by providing valuable insights and testimony related to athletic and fitness risk management.

I am incredibly passionate about what I do. My journey from a sports enthusiast to a dedicated risk management professional has been both rewarding and fulfilling. I'm committed to continuing this path, making sports and fitness safer for everyone involved. Thank you for visiting my website and joining me in my mission to create a safer and more efficient athletic and fitness world.

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