David Harlowe


David Harlowe is the Founder and President of The Sport Management Group, Inc. (SMG), a national risk management company specializing in the athletic and fitness industries. With 28 years of experience, SMG has performed over 14,000 risk assessments nationwide and David himself has personally performed over 4,000 safety audits on athletic and fitness facilities.

David is an expert witness and has been retained in over 40 cases nationwide. He performs Threat Assessments on professional and amateur athletic organizations, and reviews and develops risk management strategies for athletic and fitness organizations.

David is also an accomplished author, having written the “Fitness Center Safety” chapter in Risk Management in Sport, Second Edition, edited by Herb Appenzeller. He has written a bi-monthly risk management column for Fitness Management Magazine, and authored various safety manuals and training programs designed for athletic directors, health club owners, and managers.

In addition to his work with SMG, David has also created and maintained several risk management websites specifically tailored to the needs of the fitness and athletic industries. These websites provide valuable resources and information for facility owners and staff members, including safety manuals and training programs designed for athletic directors, health club owners, and managers.

David's dedication to improving safety in the fitness and athletic industries extends beyond his work with SMG and website development. He also conducts risk management lectures at local universities and colleges and has developed an E-Learning Program specifically for the athletic and fitness industries.


  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines.
  • Athletic Arenas and Stadium Safety
  • Athletic Coaching and Teaching
  • Automated External Defibrillator Placement and Use
  • Bleacher Safety
  • Club Sport and Intramural Safety
  • Crowd Management
  • Emergency Action Planning
  • Event Management
  • Exercise Equipment Use, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Health Club and Spa Safety
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) guidelines
  • Outdoor Recreation Facilities (i.e. camps, sports camps)
  • Personal Training Practices and Procedures
  • Recreational Activities and Programs
  • High Schools, Colleges, Minor League Teams, Professional Teams
  • Spectator Injuries
  • Sports Court Safety
  • Weight Room Safety
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