FRS eLearning Modules

Facility Risk Services specializes in providing comprehensive training modules tailored to the sports and recreation industry, equipping staff members with the essential skills to anticipate and respond to various foreseeable events within their facilities. Our training programs cover a wide range of topics, from emergency management and crowd control to safety protocols specific to swimming pools, gyms, and outdoor events. With our expert guidance, your team will be well-prepared to handle incidents, ensuring the safety and well-being of both patrons and employees. Invest in Facility Risk Services training to create a secure and efficient environment for your sports and recreation facility.

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    Active Shooter

    Equip Yourself with Vital Skills to Respond Safely in High-Stress Situations

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    Bomb Threats

    Master Critical Procedures and Protocols for Responding Effectively to Threats and Ensuring Safety.

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    Bloodborne Pathogens

    Safeguard Health with Essential Knowledge and Protocols for Preventing Infections in the Workplace.

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    Child Sitting

    Equip Yourself with Expert Knowledge and Skills for Ensuring the Well-being of Children in Your Care.

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    Crowd Management

    Learn Strategies and Techniques for Safely Handling Crowds in Various Events and Situations.

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    Emergency Equipment

    Gain Proficiency in Operating Vital Tools for Effective Response in Crisis Situations and Saving Lives.

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    Emergency Planning

    Develop Expertise in Creating Comprehensive Preparedness Strategies to Safeguard Lives and Assets in Critical Situations.

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    Heat Management

    Learn Strategies for Keeping Participants Safe and Comfortable in High-Temperature Environments.

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    Incident Reporting

    Develop Skills to Accurately Document and Report Critical Incidents, Enhancing Safety and Accountability in the Workplace.

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    Ladder Safety

    Master Safe Practices and Protocols to Prevent Accidents and Ensure a Secure Working Environment.

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    Medical Emergencies

    Learn Vital Skills to Provide Initial Aid and Support While Awaiting Professional Medical Help.

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    Personal Trainer Guidelines

    Enhance Your Coaching Expertise with Best Practices for Effective Client Training and Achieving Fitness Goals.

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    Severe Weather

    Prepare to Safely Navigate and Respond to Extreme Weather Conditions During Outdoor Events.

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    Sexual Harassment

    Promote a Safe and Inclusive Workplace by Understanding, Preventing, and Addressing Unwanted Conduct and Behaviors.

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    Spa Safety

    Ensure Client Well-being by Learning Best Practices for Safe Usage of Spa Amenities and Equipment.

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    Swimming Pool Safety

    Learn Crucial Skills to Safeguard Pool Areas and Promote a Secure Environment for Patrons.

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    Treadmill Safety

    Essential Guidelines for Injury Prevention and Safe Workouts.

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