Clemson University Athletics was fortunate to connect with SMG, Inc years ago to assist us in our risk and event management. Clemson was “big time” athletics (and still is) but at that time we maintained a very local presence when it came to risk and event assessment. You and your company brought us up to speed in what was happening in the real world. 

Your thoroughness and common sense approach got our attention. We implemented so many of your strategies not only on a daily basis, but more importantly on game days when so many fans were on campus. Your/my playbook for game day operations and management is still used today. We set the standard in risk assessment and game day management. 

I often speak to a sports management class on campus. I pull out my SMG, Inc report as a resource and talk about risk management, crisis management and game day management. I will always appreciate your guidance in improving Clemson’s game day experience, which is still one of the best in the country. 

Van Hilderbrand, Associate Athletic Director 

Clemson University 

The Jersey Shore BlueClaws are a High A Minor League Baseball team.

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