SMG Field Inspectors


Thank you for your interest in becoming an SMG Field Inspector.  The Sport Management Group is a national risk management company dedicated to making the fitness industry safe.  The inspections you will be performing are requested by the facility\'s insurance carrier and are mandatory.  SMG will make initial contact with the facility and then you will be required to call and set up an appointment.  All inspections are to be completed within 2 Weeks of you receiving the order.


You are a Field Inspector hired by SMG as an Independent Contractor (1099) to gather information using checklists provided to you by SMG.  You are responsible for deducting or withholding any taxes, FICA, or other deductions, if applicable.


The following rates are set.  Rates include all photos taken.  You will be paid within 30 days of receiving the completed inspection at SMG headquarters.

Health/Tennis Club:  $70

Mileage is only paid in certain situations and must be pre-approved by SMG.  Your territory is considered to 25 miles one-way in any direction from your home, or farther if you indicate so.


After receiving your completed application you will be placed in our database of active inspectors.  You will not be sent any materials until a job comes up in your territory.  This could be immediately or it could be a month or more.  When a job does come up in your territory, you will receive an e-mail notifying you.  All SMG forms are created as Adobe Acrobat PDF forms.  You must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and use these forms.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader then visit this link to download a free version.


You will use checklists created by SMG for each job.  The checklists are 8 pages of fill in the blank answers and check boxes for Yes/No answers.  We provide a paper version or you can use our app, JotForm, to fill out the checklists on your phone or tablet.  You will not have to use every page for every facility.  You will never be required to create your own report or give your own opinion to the club’s contact.  Your only purpose is to act as our eyes and ears and take down relevant information.  SMG will create the report from our headquarters.


After SMG receives the inspection request we will make contact with the club and let them know what is going on, who ordered the inspection, and what is expected of them.  SMG will then contact you by e-mail or phone and let you know about the job or jobs.  You are then required to call and set up an appointment.  INSPECTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 2 WEEKS.  A due date will be sent with the inspection order.


Part 1:  Management Interview (Avg. Time: 15 minutes)

During this part of the inspection you will sit down with the owner, manager, or assistant manager of the facility and ask the questions listed on the checklists.  You will not answer any questions or give your own opinion about anything.  You are there only to gather information.  Any questions directed at you should be re-directed to SMG Headquarters.

Part 2:  Facility Walk-through (Avg. Time: 20-45 minutes)During this part of the inspection you will walk through the facility and perform visual checks on everything from equipment conditions to locker room flooring.  There is no hands-on work involved, just visual.  Your checklists are designed to point out exactly what you are looking for.  There is never any guessing involved. To fill out our online application or update an older application with us, click the link below...

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